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*Comes with complimentary ten minute infrared sauna & your choice of one special treatment

*Satoria Signature Facial
Known in more common spa’s as European, you’ll find that the name isn’t the only difference here. You’re personal esthetician will customize this treatment to reflect your skins needs. Starting with a specialized serum massage, followed by exfoliation, toner, mask, toned again, and then moisturized, only to end with an aromatherapy massage sending your face in a rejuvenating glow for life you haven’t experienced since you were a teen. 
60 min.

*Forever Young Facial Cocktail
Specifically concocted to melt away the stress and strains of a mature lifestyle. You’ll walk away feeling rejuvenated and more youthful than you’ve ever thought imaginable. Designed for those struggling with chronic sensitivity, dryness, inflammation, dull, devitalized complexions, pre-mature aging, post-pregnancy, sun damage or overall fragile skin. Starting with our Talulah signature anti-aging serum massage, and followed with a rose hydrosol rinse and a vanilla bean exfoliation. Your mask will nourish and refresh. Organic rose blossoms calm sensitivity and bring harmony to devitalized complexions. Avocado conditions and encourages supple, taut tones. You will be pampered throughout this incredible trip down to the fountain of youth. Nothing short of a face lift will give you this feeling of ageless beauty once again. 
60 min.

*Satoria Enzyme Facial
Designed to help bring back a beautiful glow to those with environmentally damaged skin or acne scars, and decrease the aging process. For the sun worshipers and smokers, you will find that this treatment will help hydrate and renew the damage done by nicotine or the ultra violet rays. Beginning with gently massaging in our signature Talulah Oma Face Serum #2 specifically created to assist the most thirsty complexions. After our own Rose water hydrosol your face will be pampered with exfoliation only to be toned and moisturized, leading to a specific mask customized to suit your skins needs. Finishing with a final hydrating moisturizing massage and leaving you feeling fresh and new again. 
60 min.

*Satoria Ultra-Hydrating Facial
This treatment is exclusively for those with ultra sensitive, very parched complexions. Dealing with depleted, thin tissue in need of deeply hydrating and balancing their skin. You will be treated with an extra dose of the most essential hydrating facial oils massaged deeply into the damaged areas of your skin. Followed by our aromatic Verbena Calming Hydrosol which will rebalance the PH and soothe stubborn inflammation while revitalizing dull complexions and restoring a healthy, radiant glow. After toning this facial treatment will include a hydrating mask specifically designed to restore your skin back to it’s original toned glowing beauty. 
60 min.

*Satoria Custom Facial
This is an exclusive customized therapeutic facial between you and one of our trained, highly experienced estheticians. You will have a consultation to target exactly what your needs are so that we may address each one to our fullest abilities. This is a perfect facial for those with challenged skin, suffering from chronic acne, chronic acne scarring, eczema, rosacea, or anyone feeling like they are losing the battle over a condition they just cannot seem to get under control. After at least 3 treatments with our staff you will find solutions and remedies to help you control these problems on your own. Helping you return to the real you, with the beautiful glow you were born with. 
First visit.....90 min. 

30 Minute Vacation 
This facial is our mini version of the Satoria Signature Facial. For those people on the go that still demand pampering and quality, you will find that our 30 minute vacation fits a lot of service into just a half an hour. You will experience a facial cleansing, exfoliation, toning, mask, and moisturizing while napping and relaxing for rejuvenating results. Feeling like a new you starting a fresh day, this 30 minute vacation will put you back into the day with nothing but smiles radiating from a new glowing you. Perfect for that busy business day lunch hour. 
30 min. 

Queen for a Day
Receive a total pampering and stress free, relaxed experience. This special day at Satoria Spa is specifically designed for Brides to be, or any special occasion. This will be one you will remember for the rest of your life, so why not treat yourself to the ultimate stress free experience. You will be treated like the queen for a day. Everything is included here. You will receive the Rosemary Foot and Calf Cream massage, the Harmonious Hand massage, full eye treatment, and our sensual scalp massage and of course all of our finest quality Talulah brand essential oils and creams that will leave you looking your most beautiful on this most important day. You will leave here feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Ready for any occasion no matter how important. 
90 min. 

Back To Beauty
Forget your worries the next time you choose to wear anything strapless, as our super-smoothing back treatment is designed to rid your muscles of stress, and your skin of impurities. A deep-cleansing scrub is followed by extractions, then an aromatherapy massage specifically to leave the skin on your back luscious and silky smooth. 
30 min.